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About Me

My Background

grew up in Colorful Colorado  always loved drawing , painting and sculpting. Raised some beautiful children and married a very supporting Man. Did my time in scouting Boys & Girls both .Volunteer my time with a local Ladies Group.Started painting faces to raise funds for the Ladies Group. 

My Tools of the Trade

I like to use  good professional quality make up for face painting. Water soluble , hypoallergenic . Applying with brushes & sponges . Of course there is Fairy Dust  , Dragon dust & pretty drops of gem stones. Look for my Toadstool Mushrooms under a canopy of leaves.

My Inspiration

I  so enjoy what I do . Sometimes the look on a wee ones face when they first see a looking glass after what I just did to them just warms the heart of this ole' Elf.

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Toadstool Face Painting by Murry Arts

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